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PJW Youth State Tournament Information

PJW Youth State Tournament Information We are saddened to hear that the PJW State Tournament has been cancelled for this year. Even though the tournament has been cancelled, you can still grab your gear to celebrate your wrestler’s accomplishment of qualifying for states by going to our online store. On the back of every hoodie and t-shirt is the name of every state qualifier. If you have previously ordered and have not received your gear, please reach out to ricaroe@yahoo. 

All,Thursday July 23rd 2020After 4 months of attempting to reschedule the PJW youth championship the Chairman met Sunday and ultimately voted to cancel the PJW Youth championships.
Hopefully we will be back to normal in the spring.
This decision certainly was a difficult one and ultimately the safety of the wrestlers and fans became the most important thing.
We look forward to next year and hope that everyone stays safe during these unprecedented times.
Steve Hoover PJW State Chairman

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