2014 PJW Area II

2014 Pennsylvania Junior Wrestling Area II Tournament Dates

Junior High Division

State Tournament - March 1 & 2 at Hempfield H.S. Fieldhouse

Area II Tournament - February 23 at Philipsburg-Osceola HS

Section 1 & 2 Qualifier - February 18 at Philipsburg-Osceola HS

Section 3 & 4 Qualifier - February 17 at Bedford H.S.

Youth Division

State Tournamnet - March 21 & 22 at the Farm Show Arena in Harrisburg

Area II Tournament - March 15 at Philipsburg-Osceola HS

Section 1 Qualifier - February 23 at Bald Eagle Area H.S.

Section 2 Qualifier - February 25 at Philipsburg-Osceola HS

Section 3 Qualifier - February 22 at Indiana HS

Section 4 Qualifier - February 24 & 25 at Bedford H.S.

2014 PJW Tournament Changes


In 2014, PJW will eliminate the existing 13-14 Age Division in favor of a new Jr. High Division. The PJW Junior High State Championships will be held in a separate venue, and earlier in the year than the existing PJW State Championships. It will occur immediately following the last competition date for Jr. High wrestlers in February. It is our anticipation that many more wrestlers in that age category will participate in what will be a great event, and serve as a true Jr. High State Championship and effectively a “stepping stone” for the PIAA Championships when these wrestlers advance to that level.

The current PJW event has been renamed the PJW Youth Championships effective for 2014, and will feature the 8-U, 9-10 and 11-12 age divisions. This event will occur at the same time frame as the current PJW Championships. The timetable for that event will be revised as well.

PJW will grow from 11 to 13 Areas in 2014, with possibility a 14th Area if it is finalized in time. This expansion was a major factor in the decision to create the Jr. High Division and split the State Championship events. Adding 2 to 3 Areas would have made our current format unachievable in the current 2 day setting, and detracted from the great experience the PJW State Championships has become.

In 2012, 6727 wrestlers competed in PJW. The PJW Committee believes the creation of the new Areas and changing the 13-14 Division to a separate Jr. High event will create even more opportunity for our state’s wrestlers. We think it will encourage more Jr. High wrestlers to participate than before, and open up the opportunity for Jr. High wrestlers that fell outside the 13-14 age division to help groom these wrestlers for high school competition as well.

More will follow on the new format in the next year as it is finalized. We will share more at States this March, and also on our web site when the details are ironed out. But the creation of the PJW Jr. High Championships is definite, and PJW will feature two State Championship Tournament events in 2014.

In the annual meeting (fall 2012) of the he Pennsylvania Wrestling Coaches Association (PWCA), its Board of Directors unanimously endorsed Pennsylvania Junior Wrestling and the plans listed here. The PWCA feels the changes PJW is making will be another major action to advance the opportunities of the younger wrestlers in Pennsylvania.

Please watch for further announcements from PJW on the detail for these changes for 2014